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Cornucopia is a database of 6000 important collections from almost 2000 museums, libraries and archives.
This web site has been designed to allow visitors to find the collections in a number of ways.
You can try finding collections that interest you by simply entering one or more words in the Quicksearch text box and clicking 'Go' or pressing the return key.
You can also find collections by browsing though the Time, People, Place, Subject or Culture sections of the web site.
Time - this section holds time periods that are related to the collections in the database.
People - this section holds the names of people or organisations that are related to the collections in the database.
Place - this section holds places that are related to a collection. This place may not be where the collection is physically located, and may be an ancient place name.
Subject - this section has terms, arranged in a hierarchy, that are related to the collections in the database.
Culture - this section has a list of cultures that are related to the collections in the database.

The web site also has a list of the institutions where the collections are kept: so if you know the name of your museum, library or archive you could look in this section. The names of the institutions are arranged alphabetically.

If you would like to find collections that are near you, select the Advanced Search from the home page. You can then enter your postcode, and narrow your search by entering a keyword.
The web site can also search across others automatically. Select the web sites you would like to search in Advanced Search and enter a keyword.
Once you have found a collection you are interested in, you can hold on to it whilst you look for others. From the listing, 'tick' the checkbox and click Collect.

If you wish to alter the way the web site looks, for example to make the text much bigger so it is more readable, go to the Access Options section and select your choice of layout.
Cornucopia has been tested on a number of access technologies, but if you are having difficulties using the website please telephone 01743 352000 or use the contact form

Cornucopia is designed so that institutions can update their own collection record(s). If you would like to update your records, you need a username and password.
Please go to the contact form and request access by sending us your contact details in the message: selecting 'We wish to update our records' as a subject.
If you would like to become a Collection Location, and you are not listed on Cornucopia, go to the contact form, enter your details, and select 'Become a Collection Location'.
Cornucopia has a number of interfaces that allow interoperation with other systems.
It has an Open Archives Initiative harvesting interface at http://www.corncuopia.org.uk/oai/
It also has a simple search web services interface at (the WSDL) http://www.cornucopia.org.uk/soap/index.php?wsdl

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