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National Railway Museum
Leeman Road


North Yorkshire

YO26 4XJ
Telephone: 01904 621 261
Fax: 01904 611 112
Email: nrm@nmsi.ac.uk

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Overview of collections

The world's largest railway museum with collections that represent the development of the railways from the earliest days to current and future transport.

Overview of how collections are displayed

Great Hall - The technological development of the railways. Display of locomotives from the earliest - Rocket to the latest - Shinkansen. Labelled exhibits detailing how the railways developed. Also including specialist temporary exhibitions such as "British Railways Board" and photographic exhibitions using contemporary images of the modern railway network.

Balcony Gallery - a layout of a works managers office, display cases of small objects including ticketing and company official devices, works of art, audio visual theatre showing railway related films and further display cases of models. A temporary exhibition space currently hosting the "Treasures from the Deep".

The Warehouse - the first ever museum open storage project displaying over 6,000 items ranging from the largest 'o' gauge model collection made by one man to nameplates and headboards.

The Works Balcony Gallery - a display of railway safety, signalling, time keeping and repairs.

The Station Hall - a display of Royal Vehicles from Queen Victoria's saloon to the present Monarch's saloon and the transport of goods and freight. A temporary display area currently hosting the "Wish you were here" exhibition. Display cases of small objects illustrating the railway timeline and the many associated curiosities produced by the railways.

The South Yard - a standard gauge operating line, 7 " miniature railway, garden and play area.

The Aldek - a display of contemporary diesel locomotives.

The Interactive Learning Centre - a gallery for children and adults to learn about the railways through educational activities and interactives.

Star Objects at this location

The fastest, smallest, and largest locomotives. The largest collection of 'o' gauge models constructed by one enthusiast as recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. The premier collection of Royal railway vehicles. The Earl paintings - "Coming North" and "Going South"
Collection Descriptions
Archives Collection (National Railway Museum)
The National Railway museum houses three different types of archival documents. These are: (1) Technical, engineering...
Costume & Textile Collection (National Railway Museum)
Railway uniform and personal accessories - The Country's finest and most comprehensive collection of railway uniform ...
NAROH - The National Archive of Railway Oral History (National Railway Museum)
Interviews describe career in railway industry or association with it, with other life history information. Hence nor...
Numismatics Collection (National Railway Museum)
The collection encompasses coins, medals and tokens used by the railways. A wide variety of tokens, commemorative, f...
Science & Industry Collection (National Railway Museum)
Signalling and telecommunications - An extensive collection of signalling equipment including lever frames, telegraph...
Science & Industry Collection (National Railway Museum)
Clocks and watches - The collection includes a broad range of timepieces ranging from pocket watches to station clocks.
Social History Collection (National Railway Museum)
A small collection of toys and games illustrating the railways including jigsaws.
Social History Collection (National Railway Museum)
The collection includes silver and catering ware from refreshment rooms, on board services and hotels. The collectio...
Social History Collection (National Railway Museum)
A collection of fixtures and fittings from station buildings including platform signage, machinery, stationery and of...
Transport Collection (National Railway Museum)
The collection includes over a hundred locomotives, more than seventy passenger vehicles and almost a hundred other i...
Transport Collection (National Railway Museum)
A small collection of horse-drawn drays, delivery vans and omnibuses as well as early motorised lorries. There is al...
Transport Collection (National Railway Museum)
A small collection of significant stationary engines illustrating the principles of static motive power.
Transport Collection (National Railway Museum)
Railway Infrastructure - a unique collection of early and historic material illustrating the development of the perma...
Transport Collection (National Railway Museum)
Railway shipping - an extensive collection of model ships, bells, plaques and other artefacts representing the activi...
Transport Collection (National Railway Museum)
Railway models - The collection includes significant historic and high quality engineering models and holds an extens...
Transport Collection (National Railway Museum)
Railway heraldry - An extensive collection of the official devices of Britain's railway companies.
Transport Collection (National Railway Museum)
A substantial collection of equipment, from railway workshop equipment to ticket nippers used by guards and ticket in...
Transport Collection (National Railway Museum)
Includes office furniture and chairs, platform benches and furniture from royal saloons.

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